Company History

For over two decades Multichoice Africa Limited (MultiChoice Africa) has been proudly delivering the best in television entertainment, providing top quality customer service and uplifting local communities across Africa.
MultiChoice Africa was born on the African continent and its history can be traced back to 1986 when a number of South African media companies formed Africa's first pay TV channel, M-Net. From humble beginnings, M-Net grew much faster than anticipated. In 1990 it became the first television company to be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and in 1992 the company first used satellite transmission to reach more than 20 African countries with an analogue service. In 1995, MultiChoice launched its premium DStv bouquet on a newly-constructed digital platform, which has since grown to cover nearly 50 countries in Africa and adjacent Indian Ocean islands, offering a range of pay-television services with a variety of language options and excellent quality viewing.
MultiChoice Africa was one of the first pay-TV digital satellite broadcasters outside of the United States and the size and complexity of its satellite network rivalled the best in the world. Today it is the leading multichannel and multiplatform digital television operator across the African continent.
MultiChoice Africa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Naspers Group, registered in Mauritius.
Captivating content
MultiChoice Africa brings top notch digital television content to 50 countries on the continent, containing channels from Africa, America, China, India, Asia and Europe. As we continue to expand our footprint and introduce new technologies, we’re offering more choice to more people every day.
Our dynamic platform offers a range of bouquets built around compelling news, premium movies, documentaries and sports channels, enabling subscribers from all market segments to enjoy the very best home television experience.  
MultiChoice offers packages allowing subscribers flexibility in pricing and choice, including DStv Premium, DStv Compact +, DStv Compact, DStv Family and DStv Access, as well as numerous channels via GOtv and GOtv Plus?. In addition, specialist bouquets and channels for Indian, French, Chinese and Portuguese subscribers offer a range of exciting content that caters specifically to these cultural and language markets.
At the forefront of technology 
MultiChoice is proud that our channels remain of the best quality and consistently deliver new and exciting programming that enhances subscriber viewing pleasure. We are continually expanding this offering, moving towards enabling subscribers to stream online and download video content, view on demand videos, watch high definition (HD) programming and experience mobile television.  In this way, we are staying at the forefront of technology and are using it to benefit subscribers and to enhance their experience with us. 
The launch of the PVR decoder, DStv-on-Demand services and High Definition channels, as well as the launch of our GOtv digital platform in Africa in 2011, have kept us at the cutting-edge of technology. GOtv is a pay television offering on digital terrestrial television (DTT) and is Africa’s first commercial operation using the advanced DVB-T2 digital standard.
Another exciting innovation was DStv Mobile, launched in 2011 and wholly owned by MultiChoice, which is taking Africa into the innovative and exciting realm of mobile television. Mobile television is accessible via 3G streaming (3G) and Digital Video Broadcast Handheld Technology (DVB-H).
Many of our viewers are not aware of the vast machinery that delivers DStv to them, and rightfully so – our business is providing top quality entertainment, while theirs is to enjoy the experience Putting new technology to good use is a challenge we relish.
MultiChoice Africa is committed to partnering with local entrepreneurs, governments and broadcasters across Africa. We recognise that our ongoing success on the continent is hugely dependent on the talent and creativity of our employees and partners alike.
Significant progress has been made in the African broadcasting industry in recent years, with world class technology and increased industry skills and knowledge delivering vastly improved communication to populations that are hungry for information. At the same time, growth in the industry has led to renewed scrutiny from regulatory bodies, while economic challenges continue to put pressure on many of the people living in these countries. 
As a business operating in this dynamic industry, we believe strongly in working together with all stakeholders to cultivate an enabling environment, foster positive relationships and offer assistance to local governments and communities wherever possible. Changes in our industry are challenging us to think differently, innovate and continually look for new ways in which to entertain our subscribers and engage with stakeholders. 
Our strong local partnerships have enabled the company to operate with an understanding of, and respect for, the many different cultures found on this diverse continent. We are proud of our ability to tailor our offerings to suit local needs while maintaining the highest levels of service and product quality.