GOtv WOW is our way of thanking you for showing us so much love by staying switched on!

So what does this mean for you? It means that you can look forward to extra treats and surprises from GOtv!




Remember to stay connected to GOtv Plus and you’ll be eligible to start receiving your GOtv WOW rewards.

Paying before disconnection means that active GOtv Plus customers get a week of complimentary sport from the GOtv Max package, including all the GOtv Max sports channels. Yes, that includes all La Liga games!

Just make sure to pay on time every month to keep watching the 1 week of extra sport.


All active GOtv Plus customers can qualify for GOtv WOW rewards. A selection system will be used to identify eligible customers. All GOtv Lite, GOtv Value and GOtv Max customers don't qualify for the rewards.

If you have paid your subscription before disconnection, you'll get access to the 1 week of extra sport automatically on your TV without having to do a thing! Just remember to pay on time every month, thats all there is to it!

The extra sport is our way of saying thanks for staying connected to GOtv, so you won't have to pay anything extra for it.

You don't need to do a thing! Just sit back and enjoy your one week of extra sport each month when you have paid before the due date.

We are constantly seeking opportunities to add value to all our customers and therefore looking for ways to tailor rewards appropriately for customers. Something will be coming soon for our GOtv Max and Value customers.

GOtv customers in Malawi should not feel left out, there are more exciting benefits in store for you! We’ll make further announcements when the time is right, just keep watching this space.

The 1 week of sport that GOtv Plus customers will receive includes all SuperSport content available on the GOtv Max Package.

Channel Name

Channel No.

Channel Description

SuperSport Select 4

channel 34

A Football channel carrying mainly Spanish La Liga


We want to give all our customers the best value for the best price. So to keep prices low for our GOtv Lite customers; we are only able to offer GOtv WOW rewards to our GOtv Value, GOtv Plus and GOtv Max customers.

Please go to your nearest GOtv clinic or get in touch with your nearest MultiChoice agent and they will help you.

Only GOtv Max customers will have continuous access for as long as they are active. There is a selection criterion for eligible GOtv Plus customers. GOtv Plus customers will only get 1 week of sport from the GOtv Max package each month once they pay on time.

For now, GOtv Plus customers are being offered the one week of extra sport from the GOtv Max package. We're always looking for new ways to say thanks, so there will be different exciting rewards to come in the future. Any new rewards and benefits will be communicated on this page.


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