GOtv Wow is a retention programme (launched in March 2017) aimed at rewarding and giving a “shout-out” to subscribers for their continuous loyalty to the brand. The programme aims to add more value for loyal customers by creating the very best television entertainment experience which includes access to exciting additional channels, featuring the greatest telenovela, action, movies and reality shows for the whole family at no extra cost.




We’re committed to finding ways to improve our service and creating more value for our customers. The programme is aimed at rewarding and thanking customers for their continuous loyalty to GOtv.




  • GOtv Max and Plus customers who stay continuously connected for three months will qualify for airtime rewards, this is our way of saying thank you for their continued loyalty.
  • GOtv Plus customers who pay on time will continue to get access to 1 week of GOtv Max Sports.
  • GOtv Max and Plus customers who pay on time will get access to two extra channels until 28th February 2019, upon which the channels will terminate



  • GOtv Plus customers will get a Voucher to the value of 50Kes.
  • GOtv Max customers will get a Voucher to the value of 200Kes.

We constantly review our customer rewards mechanism with the aim of ensuring that we deliver equitable reward benefits across our subscription packages. While there’s a reduction in the value of the airtime reward to GOtv Plus customers, they will also get to enjoy 1 week of extra GOtv MAX sports at no extra cost.

  • The reward is available to GOtv Max and GOtv Plus customers who are consistently connected for three months.
  • These customers will receive airtime while GOtv Plus customers will also get 1 week of GOtv Max sports for paying on time.
  • The airtime reward offer will be communicated from 4 February 2019.
  • The 2 extra channels will be terminated on 28th February 2019.
  • The 1 week of GOtv Max sports for GOtv Plus customers will be communicated from 1 February 2019.

No – any GOtv Max or Plus customer who stays continuously connected for 3 months and pays their subscription on time – or before their next payment due date – will qualify to receive the voucher.

  • Airtime: the customer will receive an SMS telling them that they have received airtime voucher 72 hours after making payment.
  • 1 Week of Sports: Eligible customers will automatically receive access to 1 week of Max sports
  • For extra Channels: eligible customers will automatically have immediate access to the channels until 28 February when the channel officially stops airing on GOtv.

Channels will be automatically available within 3 days once you’ve become eligible. Airtime will be received within 72 hours.

  • Customers can simply buy a sim card from any of the listed mobile operators of their choice.
  • Customers can update their details on Eazy, via an agent or a GOtv clinic.

The Vouchers will be awarded based on the information provided by the qualifying customers to GOtv. Please check your details on to make sure they’re up to date. If they’re not, please update to be able to receive your reward. Should your details be correct, and your reward not activated, please visit your nearest GOtv Clinic or contact the nearest MultiChoice office.

The failure to provide us with updated contact details will result in the customer no longer qualifying to receive a Voucher.

Unfortunately, once you disconnect or miss a payment or disconnect before your next payment due date, you will no longer be eligible to connect to the channels or receive the airtime reward. You will need to reconnect and wait one month from the day of reconnection to be able to start receiving monthly airtime. You will need to reconnect and make sure you pay on time before your next billing date to start getting access to the extra channels again.

No – each eligible customer can only qualify for one voucher per month.

Whichever smartcard number a customer has registered, and it meets the criteria for the airtime voucher benefit, the customer is eligible. Therefore, if the customer has multiple smartcard numbers registered under their cell phone number and they qualify to receive the benefit on more than one smartcard – the customer will receive multiple airtime vouchers on their mobile device.


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