What makes GOtv wow? Our awesome GOtv Plus and Value GOgetters, of course! And that’s why we’ve created GOtv WOW: our way of thanking you for showing us so much love by staying switched on.

So what does this mean? It means that you can look forward to extra treats and surprises, starting with something really, really wow: two amazing extra channels plus monthly airtime rewards!

Stay switched on to GOtv for even more exciting surprises heading your way.

Just stay connected to GOtv Plus or Value for three months or more and remember to pay on time every month. After three months of staying connected non-stop, you’ll get two amazing extra channels on your TV without having to do a thing!

And because we think someone as wow as you deserves even more, we’re also giving you airtime rewards every month for as long as you stay connected.

So make sure that you pay on time every month, because if you miss even one payment, you’ll have to wait three months after you’ve paid to start enjoying these two extra channels and airtime rewards again. Now wouldn’t that be a shame?

You will get two truly wow channels just for staying switched on! Zee BollyMovies on channel 12 is packed with entertainment and action. And for the best in lifestyle and cooking shows, tune into Viasat Life on channel 57. And to give you a taste of these channels, for two whole weeks they’ll be available to everyone!

You’ll also get a monthly airtime reward sent directly to your mobile phone, just because we love you. Take a look at which mobile operators are part of GOtv WOW and how much airtime you can get:




Local Currency Value

GOtv Plus




GOtv Plus




GOtv Value




GOtv Value





See how to start getting your monthly airtime rewards >

If you’ve been switched on non-stop for three months, you’ll get an SMS to let you know that you qualify for airtime rewards.

In order to start receiving your airtime rewards, you need to opt in.

To do this, SMS ‘GOtv WOW’ and your IUC number to 44688.

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We’ll then send you a confirmation SMS, and you can look forward to getting your monthly airtime reward very soon!

If you want to stop receiving airtime, just SMS ‘GOtv no’ plus your IUC number to the same number.

Stay connected non-stop to GOtv for three months and enjoy great rewards. Firstly, you'll get monthly airtime rewards. Scroll down to ‘How much airtime can I get?' for more details. Then there are also two extra channels for you: Zee BollyMovies and Viasat Life. Until 21 March, GOtv Value and GOtv Plus customers will get a sneak preview of these channels. From 22 March, they'll only be available to you if you've been connected non-stop for three months or more.

Zee BollyMovies brings you a mix of classic and contemporary movies filled with drama, dance, music and fashion. Then there's Viasat Life, bringing you stories with heart and passion and about people believing in and achieving their dreams.

It all depends whether you're on GOtv Plus or GOtv Value, and which mobile operator you use. Have a look:

  • If you're on GOtv Plus, you'll get NAD20 in airtime on MTC and NAD30 in airtime on NA.
  • If you have a GOtv Value package, you'll get NAS10 in airtime on MTC and NAD10 in airtime on NA.

You'll enjoy your monthly bonus airtime and two extra channels for as long as you stay connected non-stop for three months or longer. If you disconnect or miss a payment, you have to wait three months before you can start receiving the rewards again.

We start counting from the first day you pay your GOtv without missing a payment or letting the screen go blank. So, for example, if you connected on 7 December 2016, you'd have started enjoying your GOtv WOW rewards from 7 March 2017.

You need to be connected for three months non-stop to start enjoying GOtv WOW rewards, so if you disconnect, we start counting again from the day you reconnect, and three months after that, you will qualify to start getting this airtime and extra channels again.

Don't worry, our system will automatically adjust to any changes in payment date. If you are affected by this, give us a call or visit your nearest agent and we'll look into it.

Get in touch with our contact centre or visit a branch and we'll look into the problem for you.

If you accidentally give us the wrong account number or face a delay with your payment method, call our contact centre immediately or visit a MultiChoice branch so we can get things back on track.

All GOtv Plus and GOtv Value customers who have been connected non-stop for three months can get GOtv WOW rewards.

If you're on GOtv Lite or you switch to GOtv Lite, you don't qualify for the rewards. If you upgrade from GOtv Lite to GOtv Value or GOtv Plus, you'll have to stay connected non-stop for three months before you qualify.

Simply ensure that you've supplied us with your current and correct cellphone number, and once you've been connected non-stop for three months, you'll get an SMS to let you know that you can now start receiving airtime rewards. That's all there is to it! If you want to stop receiving your free airtime, simply reply ‘NO' to the same number.

As soon as you have been connected non-stop for three months, we load your airtime reward on your phone, and we'll send you an SMS to let you know. We'll also send you an SMS to let you know that you can now watch the two extra channels.

You should receive your first airtime reward within three days of opting in, and then every month after that for as long as you stay connected non-stop.

You can buy a SIM card from any of the mobile operators we work with and then update your details on the Eazy platform at or via an agent.

Get in touch with your nearest MultiChoice agent and they will help you.

We only give your number to our partners so they can send you your airtime reward. They will never call you or send you advertising messages.

Everyone who qualifies for GOtv WOW will get the same two extra channels, no matter what package they're on.

These two channels and your airtime rewards are our way of saying thanks for staying connected to GOtv, so you won't have to pay anything extra for them.

For now, we're only offering you two extra channels and airtime rewards, but we're always looking for new ways to say thanks, so there may be different rewards coming in future.

You don't need to do a thing! Just sit back and enjoy your two extra channels once you've stayed connected non-stop for three months.

While the two four extra channels we offer through GOtv WOW are only available in English, we are working on more ways to thank our Portuguese speaking customers!

We are always looking for more ways to reward you, so GOtv customers in Malawi and Rwanda should not feel left out as there are more exciting benefits in store for you! We'll make further announcements when the time is right. Just keep watching this space.

We want to give all our customers the best value for the best price, so to keep prices low for our GOtv Lite customers, we are only able to offer GOtv WOW rewards to our GOtv Plus and GOtv Value customers.

We start counting from the day you upgrade to GOtv Plus or GOtv Value, so you'll have to stay connected non-stop for three months after you upgrade to qualify for GOtv WOW rewards.

The launch of these channels and mobile airtime rewards is part of our commitment to give our customers more of their favourite content and to provide great value. We do review what we offer from time to time to make sure that we bring you only what you love.


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