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Your IUC number is located on the red sticker under your decoder. You will need this when making subscription payments, contacting GOtv or using GOtv Eazy Self Service

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  • Customer support ^

    How do I activate my new GOtv decoder?

    Your GOtv DSA Agent or GOtv dealer will assist you to activate your decoder.

    Where can I make inquiries about GOtv?

    Call our call centre number  and follow the voice promptson 2341 462 4000 or visit www.gotvafrica.com and eazy.gotvafrica.com 

    What does an E16 messages mean and how do I clear it?

    E16 means your decoder has been disconnected. Please ensure your decoder is switched on before paying your subscription. SMS reset and your ICU number to 4688 if you are still experiencing the E16 error message.E30 means your decoder has been switched off or there was no signal available for a long time. If your subscription has been paid in full, please ensure your decoder is switched on and SMS reset to 4688 to clear the error message displayed on your decoder.

    Where can I buy GOtv?

    To get a list of GOtv retailers and agents visit our website on www.gotvafrica.com and eazy.gotvafrica.com 
  • My GOtv account ^

    How do I pay my GOtv subscription?

    You can pay your subscription through:
    • PAGA Mobile Payment
    • FCMB
    • Quickteller
    • Stanbic Mobile
    • Interswitch
    • Eazy Money
    Always leave your decoder switched on when you pay your subscription
    • More about GOtv ^

      How much will a GOtv decoder cost?

      N 5300.00, which includes the Set Top Box and 1month’s GOtv Plus subscription. GOtv strongly recommends the use of an external UHF GOtenna, also available from MultiChoice Agents and Retailers

      Will I have to get another decoder for digital migration?

      No, GOtv is already on the latest DVB-T2 technology, means there is no need to replace or upgrade your decoder – going with GOtv means you will be on the latest technology.